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Fortune favors the brave…Or does it? Match Day 5, Premier League

When you look at a Guardiola side you know it is going to play in small spaces, you know they will command in possession, they will push high and wide to create a galore of chances. In a nutshell they will attack. Saturday was no exception and they usually dominated. But scarily still missing a genuine no. 9 to complete the compositions. Jesus, even though is fast and quick is sometimes not lethal. Sterling, even being lethal, at times complicate too much for his own good. Harry Kane maybe?

Southampton an experienced squad with a young striking line playing in a classic 4-4-2 system played brilliantly at the Etihad Stadium. Held their form well and fought for spaces in the midfield while pressing. This was by far the best we have seen Southampton play in this season. Against city they over did it. Even earning a penalty in the 61st minute when Adam Armstrong sliced the city backline and walker coming from behind made contact. An obvious penalty, but controversially rejected by the referee after watching the VAR screen and trumping his own decision. The game ended in a 0-0 draw with city stacking huge amount of possession and played all out.

Pep Guardiola after the match said, “Always when the game is not good I feel bad for them. They come to see a show, to see a game and when it doesn’t happen I feel a bit guilty because we didn’t play good.”

He also added “I didn’t say anything wrong after Leipzig. I said we had an incredibly tough game, had an incredibly tough game against Southampton and we would need the support of our fans. I never complained about how many come or don’t come. I have never thought this in my life. I don’t know why people are asking me this question. I am grateful even if 85 or 100 people come.”   

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