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“It’s a good day, a really good day”- Jurgen Klopp

Mohamed Salah is the disputed king of Premier League. If there was any doubt in your mind you should really watch last night’s game highlights. I am sure you will not deny this if you have already watched the game live. Really don’t remember such thrashing of opponents happening in football in recent history let alone in the Premier league or in a derby as per say, Barring the Bayern vs. Barcelona game which was sort of in a similar level. But genuinely this game was out of United’s hand in 15 minutes from kick off and never looked like the red devils had anything in store for their bitter visiting rivals. Apart from a disallowed goal from Ronaldo there was nothing. You can understand the depth of abyss if that was Manchester United’s high point in a super important home game against none other than Liverpool. It was so one sided that even Liverpool fans might feel a bit ashamed…if that was even possible.

Salah scored a hatrick and two goals from Keita and Jota meant United were 5 goals down that too in 50 minutes in the game. Adding insult to injury Paul Pogba who was just came in as a sub in the second half was shown straight red for a miserable tackle. This can only represent the frustration in the United camp. The score could have been more dreadful for the United fans if not for some amazing saves from De Gea in the second half. With this result Manchester United slipped to the 7th place in the table with the first quarter of the league is almost up.

This result will surely put pressure on Ole as his time at the red devil’s dugout seems fading. Not starting Pogba or not trusting Sancho more seems costly at this point. On paper a brilliant team with none other than Ronaldo spearheading the attack such results are nothing but shameful. Manchester united doesn’t seem like to have a concrete plan for the campaign, certainly looked clueless against a robust and highly motivated Liverpool side. Zidane coming to united talks will surely gain volume with this result and we will be eager to see how this will unfold in the near future.

Salah is already on 10 goals this season and topping the charts as of now. He does not look like to stop and if anything we can expect more from the Egyptian magician. Klopp’s side is gaining momentum day by day and with this kind of display they are certainly in contention for the title this season with City and Chelsea. As the famous saying goes, ‘it’s not only that you win but how you win it’, and Liverpool has certainly got that ‘how’ part covered.

But when you have a Cristiano Ronaldo in your side nobody can write you off but maybe, just maybe Ole is not the guy who will ensure such fate. Even though he has brought this team together and after few a fallen years since Sir Alex, Manchester United looked pretty decent under his command. But if they want to compete for the Premier League they might need to find a different leader, one who has won with Ronaldo a few Champions League perhaps.

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