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The wait continues as Neymar stands tall amongst the very best

The wait still continues. When will he score? Well Messi came close quite a few times in his three appearances with the Ligue Un giants. Latest tie against Lyon saw him denied by the crossbar from an expertly taken free kick, also agonizingly going off the 2nd post. Maybe soon he will and he has probably the most hunger amongst the very best in the world. There is a lot at stake when the frontline consist of Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. Mauricio Pochettino has a lot on his plate and his star studded squad isn’t functioning like one would have hoped. Comparing with the great teams of past and present this PSG team doesn’t fall short in the talent department and certainly has an upper hand when you come to the frontline. Still you feel there is something missing. Maybe defense according to us should be the most concerning aspect for the Argentinian tactician.

Overall match was end to end and entertaining from a neutral point of view but you will be frustrated if you are PSG fan seeing losing control of the game so many times against this Lyon side, and this is not the first game that has showed such anomalies. Neymar was by far the best player for PSG creating, dribbling and doing Neymar stuff. Al though not even close to when he is at absolute best but PSG can take this a rare positive from the game. Neymar almost assisted Messi to his first PSG goal if the Argentine finished better, yes that also sometimes happen.

Lyon played really well, intercepting passes and defending astutely in tight or wide spaces. Countered superbly at every given chances, having same amount of shots on goal with 5 each. Opened the scoring with a brilliant finish from Paqueta assisted by Ikambi from wide in the 2nd half. Although one could say that defending was horrid as it was too easy for the striker to move in between two central defenders. Neymar earned a penalty when brought down inside the box by Gusto in the 63rd minute, and took it calmly to equalize.

In the 75th minute the game poised at 1-1 Pochettino subbed in Hakimi for Messi and the Argentine legend didn’t seemed to have appreciated the change by the manager. Later the coach brought Icardi for Di Maria and the striker brilliantly finished the cross from Mbappe. “We made the decision to remove Leo Messi due to a possible injury in the future,” Mauricio Pochettino was quoted by Mundo Deportivo. When will this PSG side will announce themselves on the pitch as a serious contender for the Champions League remains to be seen.

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